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The Benefits of Working With Us

The Benefits Of Working With Us

At CFB®, we invest in your vision. Our goal is to work as partners with management to grow a company’s value to its fullest potential and we always remain flexible in structuring our transactions to attain this goal. We rely on our management teams to run the day-to-day operations of their companies, and we value honest, open, and frequent communication with management as the primary principle of an outstanding investor-portfolio company relationship. We participate at the board level to facilitate growth strategies, establish and maintain lender relationships, and if necessary, to use our expertise to facilitate add-on business acquisitions. We act as a sounding board to help our management team partners develop, facilitate, and set strategic goals, as well as solve strategic problems. The benefits of working with us include:

Organizational Development

  • Active board members with industry experience
  • Management team development and recruiting
  • Improved reporting and controls

Strategic Planning

  • Development of plan to maximize the company’s equity value
  • Setting of strategic goals and priorities

Acquisitions and Financing

  • Large network of intermediaries to source add-on acquisitions
  • Analytical and execution support
  • Access to flexible debt and equity capital for expansion

Important to our investment strategy is our ability to provide all levels of junior capital to the transactions we consummate. Our extensive network of partners, bank and non-bank lenders, established through 45 years of successes, gives us the unique ability to close transactions in a timely manner as well as provides management teams, co-investors, and brokers greater certainty of closing their transactions.