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The CFB Difference

The CFB® Difference

At CFB® we are convinced that strong management teams are the key to business success. We view management teams as our partners, not as our employees, and in every transaction we consummate, we align our management partners with us financially in the form of a significant equity stake. We not only look for great businesses, but for great operating partners whose knowledge, skill, and experience will continue to assure the long-term success of the companies they run. We believe that our following values reflect why we are different and have laid the groundwork for our future successes.

  • Integrity

    CFB® has earned a solid reputation in the middle-market for being a preferred acquirer and partner that delivers on its commitments. Our reputation as pragmatic, knowledgeable, and experienced private equity professionals has resulted in numerous repeat transactions with intermediaries, lenders, and investors. When we make a commitment, we honor it. We have built our reputation on integrity – and we intend to keep it this way.

  • Experience and Responsibility

    The CFB® investment team has over 50 years of collective private equity and investment banking experience and more than 75 years of combined relevant industry and investment experience. Our partners have successfully acquired, expanded, sold, restructured, and transformed hundreds of middle-market companies in diverse industries and have developed an extensive network of contacts and capabilities in the process. Working as a team, the partners bring these resources to bear on each investment where appropriate. Because CFB® makes investment decisions as a group, not as individuals, all partners are responsible and accountable for the ultimate success of each investment and are compensated on this basis.

  • Flexibility

    CFB® has the flexibility to provide the entire junior capital needs of each business. This includes investing in equity, preferred equity, warrants, and subordinated debt. This junior capital can be invested directly in family-owned businesses, growth capital, buyout opportunities, or partnering with another private equity firm. CFB® provides this flexibility to give management teams, co-investors, and brokers greater certainty of closing their transactions. In addition, our ability to commit to all levels of junior capital provides our portfolio companies with greater flexibility in managing their business, a unique consideration when choosing a partner.

  • Successful Track Record

    CFB® believes that the best transaction is one that benefits all parties, which is why we endeavor to structure transactions in which everyone is successful. We offer our management partners the opportunity for significant equity ownership, performance based bonuses, stock options, and other performance based compensation. Furthermore, we recognize that management teams, not investors, are responsible for leading and growing world-class companies and as such we believe it is imperative for our partner companies to have the financial flexibility and nimbleness to execute beyond their plan.