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Eleven South Meramec
Suite 1330
St. Louis, MO 63105 (314) 746-7427 (p) (314) 746-8739 (f)

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CFB® Fund V

Investment Date: April 2010

Legacy Technologies, Inc.

6700 W. 47th Terrace Mission, KS 66203
(913) 432-2020 (p) (913) 432-0570 (f)
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Legacy Technologies, Inc. ("LTI” or the "Company”) is a Mission, Kansas-based niche manufacturer of glass-to-metal hermetically sealed enclosures for original equipment manufacturers and their sub-component suppliers. The Company competes in the frequency control and sensor markets and its products ensure the proper functioning of active and passive electronic components by protecting them from contaminants, such as air, water and temperature extremes. The Company’s enclosures are typically integrated into electronic components, modules, and ultimately end-products that are designed to: 1) manage and control frequency and timing, or 2) measure physical quantities (act as sensors) such as temperature, pressure, and motion. The Company serves customers in several end-markets including telecommunications equipment (cellular signal transmission), aerospace and defense (cruise missiles and satellites).

Follow-on Acquisition:

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CFB® Fund V

Investment Date: October 2015

Remtec, Inc., Inc.

100 Morse St Norwood, MA 02062
(781) 762-9191 (p)
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Remtec is a manufacturer of advanced ceramic based, customized electronic packages sold to customers in the electronics industry. Typical applications for Remtec products include radar antenna arrays, DC/AC converters, RF power supplies, and filters for thermoelectric cooling.