CFB Recapitalizes Wayne Printing & Packaging, LLC (High Point, NC)

St. Louis, Missouri, May 2008

Capital For Business, Inc.® (CFB) announced today that it recently completed the recapitalization of High Point, North Carolina based Wayne Trademark Printing & Packaging, LLC (“Wayne Trademark”).

Established in 1933, Wayne Trademark is a leading specialty packaging printer with flexographic, lithographic, and digital printing capabilities. The Company provides a wide range of products and services, and specializes in providing products into the domestic and international textile and textile services industry. Wayne Trademark possesses a wide array of patented and innovative production capabilities, and is a high-quality manufacturer of brand identity labels, primarily pressure sensitive labels. Additional markets the company serves include: food, automotive after-market, chemical, oil, gas, retail, manufacturing, distribution, and information processing industries.

The recapitalization included Company’s management, in conjunction with the private equity firms: CFB, St. Louis, Missouri; Trinity Advisory Group, LP, Southlake, Texas; MidStates Capital, Overland Park, Kansas; and Diamond States Ventures, Little Rock, Arkansas. Gary Burrow, President of Wayne Trademark commented, “With this transaction, Wayne will be able to continue to make great strides towards its expansion and coverage capabilities. I see tremendous opportunities in the marketplace at this time – perhaps the best opportunities for growth that I have seen in my career. I realized that the time was now to push the Company forward. We decided to work together to take advantage of the current market conditions, and capitalize on the opportunity to strengthen existing customer relationships as well generate new ones.”